The Boring Life

I haven’t written because I have nothing to say. I feel like my life is probably pretty boring to everyone but me.

We’re moving, so that’s something. After receiving a $400 electricity bill, we’re opting to move into military housing next month. We’re going to lose roughly 500 square feet, a bedroom, and a bathroom. It’s worth it, though, to not pay out the ass for utilities.

I had a hysterosonogram on Monday and everything came back fine, as far as I know. The doctor who did it wasn’t my normal doctor, but he seemed impressed with my uterus/tubes/ovaries. My husband has his semen analysis on Monday, so after that we’ll know if there’s hope for us to conceive naturally.

Oh, I also had an interview at a temp agency last week. It went well, but I’m still really unsure of this whole job thing. I’ve enjoyed being at home, but it gets boring. I think I need a new hobby. Or some friends.


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