I don’t think my husband quite grasps that I. Am. Infertile. I’m so angry at him today, and I don’t want to be, but we have an appointment this week with a fertility clinic and I need him to get a grip. He also keeps treating me like I’ve never applied for a job before and telling me that I need to call people I’ve applied with and whatnot. Because he totally helped me get all my previous jobs. /sarcasm. I haven’t felt so unsupported in a really long time and I feel like no amount of explaining things to him is going to make him realize what a shitty support system he’s been and how he can make it better. He sprung a friend’s surprise pregnancy on me while driving home from the airport, after a flight with a fussy, teething baby on it. I cried. I’ve been crying. I don’t want to be always crying. Oh, and he also told me to get over my anxiety, so there’s that. I’m just sitting here asking myself what happened to the man I married. I hate this.


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