I can’t even begin to articulate my day.

I have a referral for a fertility clinic, so that’s new and terrifying.

I spent all morning attempting to not throw up. Then I had blood work done and spent that time attempting to not pass out.

Some news I’ve been waiting to pop up in my hometown’s newspaper was finally there, but it still hurts like I had no warning. A family member of mine was murdered and her murderer has copped a plea deal to serve significantly less time than his original sentence. It’s distressing.

Two weeks until I board a plane and head to my home state for a friend’s wedding. I celebrate my wedding anniversary next weekend and a four day weekend with my husband this weekend. Hopefully we’ll get some hiking time in and maybe even a round of putt putt. In the mean time, I’m on the job hunt and re-watching 30 Rock.

Also, my dog keeps farting at me and that’s not helping my ever-lingering nausea.


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