Mother’s Day

There is literally no worse day to be an infertile than on Mother’s Day.

Worse, yet, is being an infertile and seeing a pregnant (former?) infertile rejoicing about Mother’s Day and completely forgetting where she came from. This particular person lamented the time it took her to get pregnant and stood up as a face of infertility. She should be a sympathizer. And now, it’s like she wants to forget everything she went through.

I’ve been working on a baby blanket for this couple for a few weeks now and I just cannot get motivated. I’ve contemplated just not making them one, but I’ve known this couple for most of my life and it seems awfully petty to not make them one. Yet, every time I see a “we’re taking bets on the birthday and gender!” post, I want to scream.

I spent my day looking at model homes and planning for the (hopefully) near future when we can be homeowners again.

Also, my fur babies let me sleep until 11 this morning. So take that, moms.



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